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La empresa GEA s.l.p. was founded in Madrid in 1999, becoming a limited company the following year. Throughout our history, GEA has positioned itself as a strong company in the services sector, particularly in the world of architecture and engineering.

From the beginning, GEA s.l.p. has developed its activity mainly in two distinct but complementary fields. On one side, all architecture related work, and on the other side the technical consultancy mainly focused on complementing the work of other architects in the fields of structural engineering, mechanical & electrical engineering and geotechnical engineering.

Primarily, GEA s.l.p. develops most of its projects in the central area of the peninsula, although its national vocation is clear as manifested in their projects in Alicante, Extremadura and Seville amongst others.

GEA s.l.p.‘s commitment to customer satisfaction is manifest. GEA has always had a clear devotion to continuous improvement as is evident from the management system implemented in 2006 in accordance with the Spanish quality standards UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000.

Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are the two main pillars of the working philosophy of GEA s.l.p.. Understanding for continuous improvement; feedback from the internal processes of GEA s.l.p. and continuous research for external opportunities to complement its production. Customer satisfaction is therefore not only the main objective of GEA s.l.p., but a demand of the quality management system implemented in 2006.

In order to meet these requirements it is necessary to promote the technical and personal development of our staff. To satisfy this purpose we promote continuous training of our resources which are the main asset of the company.


We are part of a working team, but more importantly, we like collaborating with people who share our vision that architecture can be a positive contribution, inspirational but never dominant in the world we live in.

Publications and Awards

Architecture is always subject to public opinion. The work of the architect involves an understanding of this reality and acceptance of constant evaluation of their work. Research is a good method for actively operating with self-criticism and maintaining all efforts focused on improvement.

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Our experience is proof of our efforts to improve in our daily work. From our early days we have always followed quality standards based on continuous improvement and this record of our works is a corroboration of this.

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Partner Companies

The extent of the architectural design process, the necessary procedures and the special attention required to detail drive a collaborative process in which professionals from different sectors join forces to obtain a solvent result.

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