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Residential Building for 130 affordable units, plot 83, AGFA zone, Aranjuez, Madrid.

Project description

This 130 affordable unit scheme was born resulting from a competition held by the city of Aranjuez. The project’s program defines two different types of housing: fifty units for the rental market (with an area of seventy square meters) and eighty units for the private sale market (with an area of hundred and ten square meters). The project reflects the programmatic differences between the two typologies and suggests two differentiated volumes that ensure proper cross ventilation throughout each dwelling. The design of the open spaces on ground floor integrates with the surrounding pedestrian roads establishing a gradual transition between public and private domains.

Project Detail

  • Concept, developed, technical Design and Construction management

  • Date: May 2007

  • Client: Sociedad Local de Suelo y Vivienda de Aranjuez /Aranjuez’s Local Housing Development Society

  • Budget: € 7,942,580.35