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Single-family houses in Villamayor Santiago

Project description

The project is located in a suburb area of a rural town centre. The project seeks to densify this area, centralize growth and establish the origin of a new urban development. Bearing this in mind the image of a continuous and compact facade formed by numerous houses is important. The access into each of the houses leads into a courtyard around which the houses are organized. This way we can say that the courtyard becomes an “urban space capturing device” that extends the boundaries between inside and outside making reference to the traditional Manchegan House Typology.

Project Detail

  • 9 single-family houses in “Villanueva s/n” road, Villamayor de Santiago, Cuenca. Concept, developed, technical Design and Construction management

  • Date: February 2007

  • Client: Promociones Morante Carnero

  • Budget: € 505,000.00